The choir „Jugendkammerchor Ahrensburg“ (Youth Chamber Choir) was founded 1978 by Michael Klaue. On its tours and exchange activities, the choir visited – among other countries – Austria, Hungary, Denmark and Estonia. The last trip led the choir to Switzerland. Since October 1994 Manfred Johannsen conducts the choir. After a break of one year, where Wolfhard Witte conducted the choir, Manfred Johannsen resumed his activities in 2000.

The choir has a reportoire of many songs from madrigals to pop- or musical songs. The rehearsal weekends and exchange trips are very important for acute rehearsing or recreational purposes. The elected chairmen and -women who represent the choir parts help planning choir things actively.

The Kammerchor is is a part of the „Project Choir“ (Projektchor) of Stormarnschule Ahrensburg . Half of the rehearsal is reserved for them.

Please contact us via E-Mail at „info@jkca.de“ or phone or write us to the number or address seen on Impressum.

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